Saturday, April 01, 2006

Angkor Wat

The following images are of Cambodia, the people I met and the amazing things I saw.

Lighten the load


My mate!




The bus from Vietnam!


Always Coca Cola!

I am not looking at you!


Homeward bound

Lazy days

I will carry you


Four faced tower

Angkor Wat

The high places


The corridors of time

Crushing grip

An ancient place

The offence

The created must glorify the only one, true God.

These trees that had grown up everywhere were tearing these ancient temples to pieces, though it is a slow process, time is on their side.

The ancient doors

He will tear the walls down

Ta Prom

Note the Aspara on the walls and pillars, they were the origin of the present day Thai traditional dance.

Going to War

The khmer were allies with the Thai (they have the braided hair), against their enemy the Vietnamese. The interesting thing is that the eventual fall of the Khmer kingdom was due to the Thais, who forced south by the Mongolians attacked and destroyed their allies Kingdom.

A temple

The Battle

A battle between the Khmer (left), and the Vietnamese (right). Note the crocodile.

Daily life

A woman and child, a friend picking lice from another friend's hair, and discussions.

A woman giving birth

Now that's a ship!

This is an example of how advanced this civilization was, look at the size of the ship and consider it's shape and then think to the ships of the Europe of old.

From the walls of Ta Prom

Combat training, wrestling, and to the right pig fighting. At the top is the court of the King, with his wise men.

Kick boxing?

It is believed that Aspara dance, and Kick boxing were both introduced by the ancient Khmer, and only later adopted by the Thais to the north.

Is that chess??

The farmer in his field

My good friends Dave and Kascha in Cambodia

Over the Mekong

Listen to grandfather

How beautiful