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Eternity in His hands

A painting I did at my church. For me I carries a lot of meaning: The Lower part focuses on the humanity of Jesus. The mother holds the hand of her child, the tiny fingers just visible. Their colours are earthy and natural, reflecting the reality that we are all just dust. Christ, as a human child shares this vulnerability, to it's extreme (the creator of the universe choosing humbly to come as a child). *This lower section I took from a frame from a movie.

The top section came to me approx. 1.5 years before. It shows Christ the central axis of all creation, from who all things are designed, created, formed and sustained. The the white dots are stars, or anything you want them to be, the come off of Christ at different angles, giving an impression of dimensions. Science says that in creation there are more than 3 dimensions, all were created at God's command. Christ created them all and reigns over them all, our time (dimension) is witnessed through the line of white human silhouettes, representing our timeline (History).
The point is Christ is Lord over all

The Weapons of War

The Way

Painted Sky




The innocent

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Jinning and Reiben

My friends, They are from China and live in SA now, I am in Taiwan and I am from SA! NUTS! Great to see you guys. I really enjoyed hooking up. Robbo
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